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HSE at Zigma

We help organizations identify and protect themselves against the health, safety and environmental (HSE) risks they face every day. We take those risks just as seriously in respect of our own business.
HSE is part of our culture. We go beyond legislative requirements to ensure what our people do and the way they do it keeps clients, stakeholders and the environment safe. Our safety framework supports that goal. Our people are owners of their own safety and that of the suppliers, partners and clients with whom they work. The tools we build into our daily work practices ensure we have measures in place to monitor our performance so we can keep improving.
We recognise our duty of care extends to the people of Nigeria and we work to limit our impact on the environment for their bene?t. That’s why we continually seek improved technologies and processes to enable us to work more ef?ciently and more cleanly – so we do more with less, and generate less waste as a result.

In addition, we subscribe to the following:

  • We aim to comply with the letter and spirit of HSE laws and regulations
  • We go beyond legislative requirements to prevent workplace injury and illness
  • We provide employees with a safe and healthy working environment and provide our people with protective equipment and clothing suitable for their roles
  • We assess HSE impacts before starting any new activity or project We maintain and review those assessments throughout the life of the project and at project conclusion and we ensure we take lessons learned seriously
  • We work to eliminate unreasonable risks from our facilities, services and activities
  • We operate in a way that protects the health and safety of our employees, customers, contractors, visitors and neighbours and does not expose them to unacceptable risk
  • We continue to improve our HSE systems and performance as an integral part of our operational strategy