Supporting Nigeria’s oil & gas sector

Our Vision

To be the most customer centric oil and gas service company where all stakeholders can find a solution to their needs.

Our Mission

At Zigma, our mission is to be the most sought after service provider in the Oil and Gas Industry through excellent service provision.

Our Values


Our work affects the safety of our clients; it can have the most profound environmental impact. It can change the way the world views our reputation and the reputations of the people with whom we work. We commit to working to ensure thatthe legacy we leave with every client,partner and stakeholder after every project is a positive one.


Our work is founded on our clients’ need to be safer, cleaner, greener or more efficient. In whatever capacity we are involved, we work to achieve our clients’ goals and we work till the job is done.


We utilize the latest technologies and the latest practices to improve the results we deliver and the efficiency of what we do to the benefit of our clients.