Supporting Nigeria’s oil & gas sector

Waste Management

As the oil and gas industry evolves and grows, so Zigma adapts. We are the first to adopt new standards and new technologies that can deliver more effective, more efficient waste management to Nigeria’s oil and gas industry

We understand, that to be most effective, it is the expertise and experience of our people in applying those new technologies that delivers clients’ value. For maximized efficiency, for process improvement, for reputational human and environmental protection, Choose Zigma for all your waste management services.

Zigma waste management services include:

i. Drilling Waste Management

Zigma waste management solutions support your operations and reduce your NPT and environmental risk by effectively processing your liquid and solid drilling waste. These processing solutions comprise a suite of treatment equipment that enables you to conduct your drilling operations without fear of losing valuable rig time or harming the environment.

We have cost-effective technologies designed to reduce the HSE footprint of your drilling operations. Our new generation drilling waste management technologies includes vacuums and Pneumatic conveyance systems for the safe collection and transport of cuttings. Our wide range of cuttings treatment systems include a multi-disciplinary waste injection process and patented thermal desorption technologies. We have our operational base in Port Harcourt and partnerships with other facilities in Warri, Benin and Yenogoa and OEM’s such as Flo Trend in the US for mud cleaners, shakers and shaker screens, and are expanding for more cooperation.


We are continuously working to reduce the quantity of spent fluids generated in drilling operations and their associated environmental risk


Properly managing solids produced during drilling operations is critical to effectively responding to the environmental and economic pressures you face.

Our portfolio of drilling waste management solutions include:

  • Bioremediation/land farming
  • Cuttings slurrification and re-injection
  • (CRI)
  • Dewatering and water treatment Stabilization
  • Thermal processing
  • Cuttings drying
  • Vacuum collection
  • Pneumatic cuttings transport

ii. Environmental Remediation

Zigma’s protocols for environmental remediation have been developed with client and environmental protection at their core. We work to limit the scale and extent of environmental damage, reducing its effects and minimizing client costs and legal liabilities.

Remediation services include:

  • Risk assessment Zigma’s experienced consultants assess environmental sensitivity and impact, the level of response required, and the acceptability (or otherwise) of residual risk.
  • Options appraisal Consideration of active or passive techniques, and a balancing of relative merits against practical impact and cost efficiency
  • Solution design Development of biological, chemical or mechanical solutions, with measures in place for removal and disposal of contaminants.
  • Implementation of ground remediation works Expertise, technology and commitment to ensuring the solutions we develop deliver success.

Shift Soil Remediation harnesses a proven soil processing tool with advanced chemical and biological remediation technology, to reliably treat and neutralize the contamination itself without destroying the usability of the soil. The mobile treatment units eliminate haulage costs and unnecessary carbon production risks

iv. Produced water treatment

Zigma is in partnership with Flo Trend system, inc. to provide custom-built water treatment and product mixing solutions for sale and rent globally.

Flo Trends expertise in water treatment goes far beyond engineering equipment. Flo Trend highly skilled and experienced operations team assists clients’ across the world with on-site water treatment services designed to resolve sludgerelated challenges quickly, safely and affordably.Zigma major range of services include:

  • Support services for Water treatment
  • Handling Waste water needs
  • Solving unique chemical challenges
  • Keeping projects on schedule and under budget

iii. Soil Remediation

Our protocols for environmental remediation have been developed with client and environmental protection at their core. In partnership with Shift Soil Remediation UK, we offer the following services to suit any site or client:

  • Phase I and II environmental site assessment
  • Phase III environmental site assessment (remediation)
  • Mobilisation and setup of our remediation equipment at your site
  • All on - site remediation processing and labour costs
  • Post-treatment samples and laboratory testing
  • Remediation Work Plan and Completion Report
  • Vacuum collection
  • Remediation Management

Shift Soil Remediation is a full service soil remediation company. Shift Soil Remediation manages and monitors each step of the process from site assessment and optimal remediation planning to site decontamination and post testing. Shift Soil Remediation LLP specializes in delivering effective, affordable technologies for cleaning up contaminated soil.

Current offering:

  • Belt Press Refurbishment
  • Wastewater Pond dredging
  • Dewatering equipment refurbishment
  • On-site water processing systems
  • Wastewater treatment and process outsourcing

Zigma in partnership with Flo Trend, provides wastewater project tools for:

  • Dewatering
  • Filtration
  • Mixing
  • Separation

v. Waste transportation & Disposal

For an organization founded on its commitment to HSE principles, the safe transportation and disposal of wastes are at the heart of what Zigma stands for.

We employ advanced transport technologies to collect and safely transport waste. Where we can, we seek to reuse flowback wastes

and water produced as a result of drilling or fracturing. Where that isn’t possible, we dispose of all wastes responsibly, ensuring we use only licensed disposal sites where regular integrity and containment testing is carried out.

vi. Tank Cleaning

We believe there’s more to tank cleaning than a clean tank. Zigma’s tank cleaning service creates operational efficiency and production optimization. Yet it also delivers a positive environmental impact too.

The sludge and pollutants that line your tanks need clearing if production is to be protected. But traditional cleaning techniques have benefited the tank whilst damaging the environment.

Zigma tank cleaning uses advanced chemical, thermal and physical techniques to break down tank contents, enabling us to separate more of the contaminants and manage harmful waste more effectively.

It’s a process that makes tank cleaning less damaging, so it protects your reputation as well as your production.